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    Found this technique on some site, Thought it'd be helpful for you guys

    Aura Meld ™
    The greatest source of energy is the earth’s core. Within the earth seethes a mass of primordial energy which you can use to enhance your aura and generate sensations of warmth around you. The Aura Meld allows you to expand your aura and use it to enshroud others with your personal energy, thereby making them sympathetic (and loving) towards you. The technique is simple.
    1. Stand straight and close your eyes. Part your legs shoulder width, arms at the sides. Become aware of the polar core at the earth’s center. As your awareness intensifies, you will become aware of the tips of your fingers and the bottoms of your feet start to tingle.
    2. When the tingling sensation begins, imagine the core opening a vast conduit of energy and flooding you with vibrant green and purple hues. The energy surges upwards through your feet and body, onto your crown. Very soon, your body will vibrate.
    3. Allow the energy flow to continue as you imagine the sun itself to radiate silver and yellow rays from above. The energy courses down and co-mingles with the flow from the earth. You sit in a powerful maelstrom of colors which go in both directions. The reverse polarities infuse your aura with energy and expands it by 7 feet. Feel it and see it expand 7 feet in radius around you.
    4. Command the energies around you to solidify in a permanent whirling cylinder of rainbow colors. There are two surfaces to the cylinder. The inner surface revolves counter-clockwise. The external surface revolves in a clockwise direction. Command the energies. Give it a name and will it along these lines, "I will you, Amon Ra, to enshroud me with love, protection and guidance." It is important you voice the intent THREE times and with utmost expectation. Open your eyes and imagine a sudden explosion of power emanating from you outwards.
    5. Feel calm and peace. As you enter the real world, walk with expectation that people WILL gravitate towards you.
    Note: The energy eventually leaks out. The maximum length of time you can expect the aura to surround you with your command of allure and seduction is about 12 hours. After that, you must re-energize.
    There are additional benefits to the Aura Meld.
     Psychic attacks against you will fail and bounce back to the originator.
     Your immune system shoots up.
     People will feel tremendous energy and upliftment near you.
     You radiate tremendous chi which make your thoughts more powerful. Your intuition goes off the scale and your will creates reality with greater ease.

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    I'm pretty sure that the sun has a stronger energy source.

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