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by David at 2:57 AM
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To be a psychic is not only about reading others minds or predicting the future, it is also about being in a constant state of awareness and having a prime spiritual and mental state. Your mind and body should be in balance. For those aspiring psychics out there here few tips and tricks:

1. Meditation
The first thing you need to become a psychic is to learn how to control your mind. Meditation is an important tool used to develop the mind and balance your chakaras.

2. Research
There are thousands of articles on increasing and developing psychic abilities. You can learn a lot by reading books, newspapers, and journals where such articles are published. Seek and ye shall find.

3. Practice
Practice makes perfect. Even if you are doing the smallest of things to increase your abilities, everything helps. Do not get discouraged if the desired outcomes do not manifest, practice more. Do whatever it takes: join psychic clubs, get a teacher, take online courses, get up early to meditate, etc..

If you really want to do something, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse -Tim Rohan

4. Astral Travel
Learn how to lucid dream to master astral projection. Our very own, @Luminis, has created a series of Lucid Dreaming guides, check them out:

Lucid Dreaming - Complete Guide for Beginners and Useful Tips for Advanced - Introduction
Lucid Dreaming - Complete Guide for Beginners and Useful Tips for Advanced - Dream Memory
Lucid Dreaming - Complete Guide for Beginners and Useful Tips for Advanced - Preparations
Lucid Dreaming: Complete Guide for Beginners and Useful Tips for Advanced - Dream Journal
Lucid Dreaming: Complete Guide for Beginners and Useful Tips for Advanced - Dream Patterns

After you've had a few lucid dreams, learn how to astral travel with your conscious mind.

5.Open Your Chakras
A great way to open your chakras through meditation. You can also open your chakras by learning Reiki. Find a teacher who will help you is the fastest and most practical way.

6. Learn To Trust Your Gut
Follow your intuition. Do not do anything in extremities which might get you into trouble later. Learn all the possible negative effects of practicing and avoid anything which will give a negative experience. Learn to trust your sixth sense. If you feel something would go wrong, avoid those practices until you get professional help.

Everybody is born with psychic abilities. All one has to do is to practice and develop them by being consistent and creating regular practice habits.
by David at 10:41 PM
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What is Orgone Energy?
Orgone Energy was hypothesized theoretically by Wilhelm Reich. According to Reich, Orgone energy exists everywhere and is thought to be a product of magnetism. Nature produces orgone energy to sustain the world. Orgone energy is responsible for the existence of small micro-organisms which ensure the balance of the universe.

The term orgone was born out of the fascination Reich held for sexual energy. He thought of sexuality as the basic form of energy production. After he died, his students continued with the same fascination and built upon his theories. They have developed medical procedures through which many of today's diseases are treated. According to the organists, the majority of these diseases would not exist if proper levels of orgone energy were maintained.

Orgone energy is based on principles of disease reduction. One of the diseases that garnered the interest of Reich and his students was cancer. He formulated and set out to prove that poor balance in the orgone energy could be attributed as the main cause of cancer.

Benefits of Orgone Energy
Orgone energy is a natural form of energy. If this energy were to be harnessed and used practically, the production of the land would double. Some of the studies have proved that it is directly related to increased soil fertility. The form of orgone that is mostly sought after is the animal mass orgone. According to the theory, this form of orgone energy is especially useful for the arid and semi-arid areas where plant life is not sustainable.

Orgone energy can be manipulated by energy supply devices. It can also be controlled. Should the levels of energy be low, consumption can be reduced to generate spontaneous orgone. If the energy is too much, it can be controlled making it much more easier to manage. Production, dissemination and distribution of orgone energy can be easily controlled.

Several studies have been conducted on orgone energy. One of these studies was based on providing evidence on the transformation of non-living matter into living matter. This experiment has been quite successful in showing exactly how cancerous cells spread as living creatures and survive in the body.